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Vulcan Lantern Works is now a Coleman certified service and warranty repair center for Manitoba, Canada!

We now offer nickel plating, painting, powder coating, and enamel/porcelain coating services for your lantern fount (fuel tank) and vent. Please see our services section for more information.

Vulcan Lantern Works like most small businesses started out by seeing a need and working to fill it. As a hobbyist lantern restorer, I began to encounter people needing their most important camping, lighting, or cooking tools repaired or restored and nowhere to turn to make that happen. Most people think once their pressure lantern or stove stops working it should be disposed of and they have to go to the closest Box Store to buy a new one. Not so! Pressure lanterns and stoves were made to last for decades and even the most damaged, dirty or old lantern or stove can be brought back to life for much less than buying a new one.

There are also many people out there who cherish fond memories of their childhood with family and friends and see the desire to re-connect with those memories through their pressure lantern or stove. I hope that I am doing more than just fixing an applicance and that I am re-kindling those happy memories.

Finally, collectors see the value of making sure their lanterns or stoves work in order to increase or retain their value. A non-working lantern or stove fetches far less than a working one. 


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