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Questions & Answers

Q- Why don't you have a gallery of items you have repaired or restored or items you have for sale?

A- We want to publish photos of our work either on Instagram or Facebook so we can share our images with the online community vs. keeping them isolated just on our website. Simply check out our social media accounts from the main page for pictures of our lanterns and stoves as well as pictures of other people's lanterns, stoves, and their outing or camping experiences.

Q- Do you sell complete lanterns/stoves/heaters/etc?

Our next step for our website is an ecommerce section which will showcase our parts and complete units for sale. We literally have thousands of parts and complete units to photograph and post online for sale. If you are looking for a specific appliance, color, year, etc., please contact me. 

Q- How do I ship you a lantern or stove for service or restoration?

A- Pack it well! Assume that someone is trying to destroy your shipment and work from there. Never include your globe with your lantern. I don't need it to do the work. Our shipping address is included on our contacts page. Send it insured for it's replacement value. When I send a lantern or stove back I send it well packaged and insured against loss and damage with a tracking #. 

Q- What are your fees for your lantern or stove restorations?

A- Depends on the size of the lantern or stove and the amount of work needing to be done. Single burner stoves and small lanterns that need to be mechanically restored start at 30$. This includes full disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning of applicable parts, acid bath, fount flush, pressure test, re-assembly, and lighting. Replacement of any parts or seals are on top of that. The cost to restore two and three burner stoves as well as larger lanterns will depend on what the issue is and how much work is needed to do the job. Please feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to give you a price quote. Most of the issues with stoves are the fuel tanks and their generators and these issues can be resolved with a parts purchase more than anything.

As for lanterns or stoves that need full restoration (sand blasting, painting, etc.) are done on a case by case basis and will depend on what needs to be done. 

Q- What if I want to send you photos of my items I want repaired or restored?

A- Photos are the great way I can see what you're seeing and help greatly alongside verbal descriptions and information. You can either email me at or send me a text to 204-951-9254. 

Q- What sales taxes do you charge?

A- For Canadian residents, we charge RST and GST for Manitoba and HST and GST for the rest of Canada where applicable. For the U.S., taxes and import duties if applicable are charged when the item makes it back to you.

Q- How do I know which part I need for my lantern or stove?

A- This is a subjective question and will depend on when your lantern or stove were made. As some companies such as Coleman have been making lanterns and stoves for over 100 years, many part numbers have changed or have gone obsolete over the decades. Your best bet is to start with the unit number first and we can go from there. We carry and can source NOS, new, and remanufactured parts for lanterns and stoves. I'll do my best to minimize your parts cost by attempting to isloate the issue to the part(s) in question.

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